Monday, April 18, 2016

Your gut talks.

P.S. Notes from my desk #16

When the day hits you hard. Or life catches you off guard.

When a grey overcast hovers over your bright forecast.

When you’re running too fast. Or too slow.

When you don’t know, whether to hold on - or let go.

When tossed and teased – you swim - struggling against the flow.

Confused and low. You look for support. Someone you know.

None. There’s no one. This is your show. And you’re flying solo.

Tired. You pause. Take a moment. Sit awhile, in your shadow.

You close your eyes. Many thoughts vandalize. Some real. Some lies.

You breathe. Deep. You visualize. A calm - instead of this noise.

Your mind finally surrenders. Now at peace. Your heart beats, as it centers.

A small voice then whispers. Softly it speaks. It reminds. And it remembers.

You hesitate. What was that? You contemplate.

But the voice innate. You just feel it. You relate.

Like a knowing. You connect. You trust.

Yes. Your gut talks. Listen. You must.