Tuesday, August 19, 2014

(Not) Just a Housewife

The Domesticated Truth

I am just a housewife, no big deal

I cook breakfast, lunch, dinner

And all in-between meals.

In the family; all are a priority

Health is important

And loves a guarantee.

I am there to comfort; 

I listen to woes 

I often am a referee

I settle all the rows.

I am someone’s daughter; today a daughter in law.

I take care of both parents.

Keep his happy, mine in awe.

I have my moods but no time to show.

I even keep smiling,

When I am feeling low.

I am house proud; neatness is a must.

My days are spent cleaning,

And keeping out the dust.

I heal too; wounds of all kinds.

Real fears of my husband.

And many worries of young minds. 

I am a hostess on call, ready to entertain.

Tea, coffee and snacks.

Even on days of a migraine.

I'm also a teacher; guiding from right and wrong.

My children learning.

Lessons to last lifelong.

My husband works hard, I keep him going.

I steer the boat.

And he does the rowing.

I manage the finances, save as much as I can.

Lest we need it someday.

For our kin and clan.

I am always everywhere; I multi task.

I can answer any question.

That you may ask.

All this for free; all my life.

And still you say;

I’m just a housewife.


Salute and Respect to all Housewives