Thursday, April 25, 2013

In this moment - Tales that tell a true story

On her way to the airport tearing through the traffic; she saw her life spin past her…
An expat of Indian origin, living in the United Arab Emirates had quit her job, sold her belongings, said her goodbyes to dear friends and was relocating to the United States in order to be with her husband. Of course there was immense joy and great thrill to finally be with man she had married. And yet….

Through the window of the car she reminisced over what she was leaving behind…An exciting job in a high profile company which had her working round the clock as she strived to achieve…the next big opportunity which would get her the next big promotion which would steer her on to the next big challenge to outdo herself! Independent, reliable and grounded; she simply loved it! She lived in a home which smothered her with warmth as it hugged all her moods each evening. Mix that with the support, love, bliss and laughter of rock solid friends and she thought she had the absolute recipe for success. And perhaps…

In that moment she did!

In this moment then is a collection of metaphors and simple stories from that point of time. I have always marveled at the different chapters that each of our lives unravel, much like a red carpet that is rolled out for Kings and Queens, though more often than not, we fail to recognize the grandeur of our lives, we forget to walk down this path in all the glory that is intended for us ….we tend to focus our energy on what’s happened before this moment or what’s after this, what’s at the end of it or at the next turn….! And somewhere between the ‘had been’, ‘should have been’ and ‘will be’ we lose the insight of just being….here…right now….on this page…together in thought!

This is an attempt to share experiences as I moved countries and continents. It shares with you the lessons I learnt on my own or through observing another. Lessons we all learn on a daily basis from good days and not so good days, from bad days to better days.

These stories will take you through the many transitions of life when I was faced with having to search for new identity, re-structure it and learn to live, to the fullest…in this moment.
Along the way I hope to inspire you to (choose to) live in yours!