Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Work in progress.

P.S. Notes from my desk #9

My ego n I are mostly best friends. We go hand in hand. Through thick and thin.
Sometimes it gets the better of me. Over powering. I succumb. It wins.
I’m not myself then. Blinded. Deaf. No voice left. I feel darkness within.
In a desperate attempt to grow. I struggle. I fight. Until I let my ego go.
Vulnerable at first; now I walk free though. My soul the spotlight - of this show.
I like it here. Life is simple - Clear. No internal conflict - anymore.
Self-respect came along the way. Keeps me grounded, lest I go astray.
Through black and white. And life’s grey. It’s a new lesson every day.
Today t’was ego that I undressed. Tomorrow another challenge I’ll address.
You see - I’m just a work in progress.


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    1. Thank you Carlos. I see we do similar work. Great to make your acquaintance.