Wednesday, March 18, 2015

5 lessons I learned from my mother

I AM...

I was a fat chubby kid. I’m told I was insistently naughty. I mostly got my way. My elder brother, I’m sure disliked that and yet loved me insatiably to usually give in or let go. I begged to be carried all the time and my mother obeyed even when she was dog tired after a hard day at work. Her arms somehow always found the strength to bear my tantrums and my weight.

I learned that true strength comes from within.
Growing up I was a rebel of sorts. When I wanted something I wanted it anyhow. My mother would advise me. She showed me right from wrong. Often she warned me in a stern voice and not used to it I’d relentlessly sulk until she gave in. She loved me enough to caution me and yet she stood by me when I made my mistakes. Along life’s trials and tribulations she gave me her hand to hold, her shoulder to cry; she even gave me her spine when I couldn’t stand on my own. On instances when I’d sob or cry she would be most anxious, she’d immediately hug and kiss me. Unable to make me stop at times, along with me she’d secretly cry.

I learned how to give and receive unconditional love.
In my teens, she worked harder only to give in to my every whim and fancy. She bought me clothes, shoes and handbags. She always indulged in my vanity as I pruned and preened in front of the mirror. Sometimes I’d sneak in a hundred or two from her purse, of which I guess she always knew. Yet not once did she say she didn’t have enough or never did she lock her handbag away. When I implored to be allowed out at night, she’d reluctantly persuade my father to let me go. Then she’d stay up right until she heard me at the door. Often I’d break my curfew time, for which I always had a (not so) valid reason. Invariably she’d believe me and worriedly she'd plead, please don't be late, be punctual next time. Like a beacon of purity, she always encouraged that good or bad, I tell her the truth at all times.

I learned honesty and trust.
Through the years she continued to pray for us all. I remember watching her bow her head in prayer, morning, noon and night. Playfully, I emulated her in prayer and she’d look at me and smile. When faced with hard times, I noticed she prayed even more. Leave it to God, she’d say, and then peacefully let go. Seeing her firm belief in the Lord, I have my own unwavering relationship with God.

I learned to have faith.
She inspired me to study further. She rejoiced when I got my first job. She took pride in my every small accomplishment. She made big of my every achievement. By example, she motivated me to always come away having given it my all. Along life’s path, I failed a few times. I made a few wrong choices, I paid some heavy prices. Dejected, I’d pour my heart out to her. Regardless of what time, she’d always give me her listening ear. You are the best, she’d say at the end. Don’t worry; there will be better, there will be more.

I learned to believe in myself.
Today, I have my own family. Others that call me their own. My mother is older now, a little frail and a lot wiser now. We talk, we share; we are best friends now. Gratefully then, I will pass on her legacy as I continue to grow as an individual and see my spirit soar.

For mom, know this… You are - So I am. 

Dedicated to my mother, Shireen. It is rightfully said that motherhood has the greatest potential influence on human life.