Thursday, March 9, 2017


Simple Poems to Make You Look Within and Beyond

This is not just poetry. The book really has no beginning, middle or end.
Windows of Reflection: is in fact a journey; one which walks you through the deepest thoughts of your heart, the farthest reaches of your imagination, across the tenderness of your love and the nakedness of your soul.
The author, Tasneem Kagalwalla does not use complicated words and winding verses, instead speaks intimately, opening up along its way many windows of introspection.
In its simplicity, lies its beauty.
Along with the written word, this book is also a visual treat. Photographer, Maisam Darwish communicates skillfully with her lens; making her black and white images a marvel to unravel.
Come; if only to discover and delight in the depths of your soul.