Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Words boomerang.

P.S. Notes from my desk #19

Don’t you think words are debunked these days?

Whatever happened to the sentence, the whole phrase?

And in the spirit of change, being one with the times,

I’m even fine with the OMG’s n LOL’s most times.

It’s not so much the slang…

I’m cool like that, with me and my gang.

It’s when words you use, make no sense at all.

It’s like when you look at that text…

And wanna bang your head against the wall.

Like what is a K? The letter before L, or the one after J.

I type my heart out and you reply with an OK?!!

Epic is when I tell you how meh my day was, what I did n where I was.

And while I wait for you to type, what I get is a ‘Hmmm’ after a long pause.

N wassup bae, are you completely cuckoo?

Who writes thank you - to an ‘I love you’?!

So with this, I’m merely saying.

Watch what you’re conveying.

Like in life, what you give you get.

Slang or no slang.

Your words matter. They too boomerang.