Thursday, August 6, 2015

The shortest and most effective visualization

A romantic story

The magical effects of visualizations has been a subject close to my heart as it has proven to bring about so many positive changes and outcomes in my life. My husband being one of them. (Read all about that @ )
For many years I have been regularly spending time with creating customized visualizations for myself and my clients as well as listening to so many other empowering ones available from contemporaries and experts in my line of work.

It has become my habit consequently to usually drift off to sleep listening to a guided visualization every night. It soothes the days stress away, calms and refreshes the mind and body thus allowing a peaceful night in. It’s a perfect addition to your bedtime routine.

One cold night after a long day I stumbled into bed ready to plug in and switch off for the night. Just when I got comfy under the sheets, having plugged in the headphones into my mobile I realized that my phone battery had died. Damn. Complete bummer. The thought of getting out of bed and getting my IPad which would well serve the same purpose was too cumbersome. I was just too comfy to make that effort. So I playfully rolled over to my husband and asked him to guide me through his version of a visualization for the night.

Now it’s important here to know a little bit about my husband. Although he has a very emotional and sensitive side to him, mostly he’s a finance guy with a practical head between his shoulders. He is more of a left brained individual, unafraid to call a spade a spade and uses logic and common sense as dependable qualities with which he leads a happy life.
Therefore when he said ok, I was totally taken aback. Very keen to know how this one is going to turn out, I closed my eyes and tried to keep an open mind. I was expecting either a rational explanation on the benefits of sleeping or a guided visualization which would have me guiding myself out of it after. However I was completely wrong and pleasantly surprised. Not only was he articulate with his choice of words and affirmations but vivid in his descriptions. I was on the silver beaches of the Caribbean that night and it was blissfully tranquil. Sweet dreams are made of these.

Over the years it became a norm and often I’d ask him to talk me off to sleep. Each time, I’d ask; “Where am I today?” eager to go on yet another soul journey. I have travelled far and wide as a result, visited several beautiful locations and known serenity through his eyes. I have felt the cool sand between my toes and have been touched by a soft breeze over a mountain top. I have walked the mesmerizing dessert dunes of Arabia and seen the lush green jungles of Africa.
Haven gotten used to these moments we spent together before bedtime, I looked forward to this quintessential question, every night; “Where am I today?”

Until last night… We got home late. It was well past midnight when we retired to bed. We were tired and I was sensing my husband was in no mood to take me through any visualization imagery. Yet, programmed to ask, rolling over into his outstretched arm, I asked; “Where am I today?”
Pulling me closer he peacefully said; “Right here with me.”

I slept like a baby.

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  1. beautiful.....“Right here with me.” just beautiful

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