Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nothing means Everything.

P.S. Notes from my desk #22

In case you’re going what the eff in your head. 

And she’s just all over the place;

Gee! Really! She says, you don’t know huh?!

Go ahead! Leave! Clearly seeing red.

And you’re clueless, was it something I did or said?

As you take your pillow; walk over to the spare bed.

You lie there, thinking…

God! She’s impossible and I’m brain dead.

Then try this my friend;

Go back; with love, ask what happened instead.

Nothing!!! She’ll say, ready for bloodshed.

Don’t leave then; stick around,

Ask again. And again. Times hundred.

Until she’ll soften, her voice, it’ll crack.

Tears will fall; she’ll talk, her hurt she’ll shed.

Hug her then, hold her tight.

Tell her you love her, don’t leave that unsaid.

Then watch your world come alive,

You’ll wake up in your double bed,

Here honey; she’ll say, here’s your coffee in bed.

Once again you’ll go; what the eff in your head.

How did I go from being a shithead to a thoroughbred?

Oh well! Maybe it’s just me, you’ll grin in bed.

But deep down you’ll know,

As you’ll bite into your buttered bread.

It was all in a poem, you once read.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

I'm Over-sized.

P.S. Notes from my desk #21

Aren’t appearances just a disguise? 

True beauty is not trapped in a size. 

My hips when measured lengthwise, 

May not win me any prize. 

But my smile over sized, 

I assure you, will hypnotize, 

And make you realize. 

That it’s about time you humanize. 

Stop. Don’t stigmatize. 

Why do you standardize? 

Force beauty to customize. 

Over emphasize… 

The need to serialize. 

Small, medium, large. 

So compartmentalized. 

Therefore today I apologize… 

But to hell with what you patronize. 

For if beauty were to be judged by a size. 

Then I’d be a XXXL in your eyes, 

Even if day and night, I’d exercise. 

For that’s how big my heart is, 

I wear it on my sleeve, full size.   

Friday, June 3, 2016

You can fight the dark.

P.S. Notes from my desk #20

When what you’ve left behind is too far out. 

N what you have in front is a complete black out. 

When you’ve set foot on a path of no return. 

Where there are no left, right or chances of a u – turn. 

Walk on; continue the struggle. 

Face the trouble. After trouble. 

You will see the light – 

Not necessarily at the end of the tunnel.  

For many a journey is walked in darkness. 

A star shines only in blackness. 

When the light you seek, becomes the light within. 

When you reach there; you realize, you win.