Thursday, January 23, 2014

An angel called ….His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin

On a personal note…

Friday the 17th of January 2014 the world witnessed the sad demise of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA). He was the 52nd ‘Dai-ul-Mutlaq’ (the absolute and unrestricted Missionary) of the Dawoodi Bohra community. (Ref: )

Since then the world also witnessed the solar lull where the sun seemed to have fallen asleep at a time when it should have been awash with activity. (Ref: ) "I've been a solar physicist for 30 years, and I've never seen anything quite like this," said Richard Harrison, head of space physics at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire. A red moon was sighted in parts of the globe while the social media was abuzz with India receiving freak January rains. For many this could be termed as a baffling phenomenon, a rare occurrence or an unusual incidence. For others perhaps it could just be a mere co-incidence. Not for her!
For her, an ordinary follower from the extraordinary million plus population of the Dawoodi Bohra community, it was no surprise. For the heavens and the earth mourned the passing away of a deeply spiritual and benevolent leader, a symbol of peace, prosperity, goodwill and humanity, a ‘Maula’ beyond imagination.

His role in evolving humanity and social order are unsurpassable. His contributions towards restoring historical sites and mausoleums, building housing communities as well as constructing world class healthcare facilities are just a few of the mammoth gifts to mankind. During his era he constructed more than 200 magnificent mosques, extending the Dawoodi Bohra footprint to new heights across urban and rural skylines. Furthermore under his generous reign he provided unimaginable facilities at holy shrines as well as during the difficult yet beloved pilgrimage of Hajj. Among his major contributions was to supervise and support the community's literacy efforts through 400 educational institutions in the world to impart religious, spiritual and secular education. With a view to foster healthy businesses, he institutionalized the Quranic concept of interest free loans. He was a spiritual leader who interpreted the wisdom of the ages for a rapidly modernizing world without diluting the essence of religion. (Ref: )
No amount of words could do justice to his accolades, achievements or demeanor. Neither could any words encompass the high values and pristine principles by which he led his life and shaped the character and souls of his devotees. She wasn’t about to attempt the impossible either. Today, 5 days after the dreadful day, all she wanted to do was bow down in reverence, tears streaming down her face as she recalled a dream which changed her life.

It was a lonely new year’s dawn when she woke up with an unforgettable dream. Mostly you have dreams which you struggle to recall the next morning, if you’re lucky you remember bits and pieces. Not this one. This one she remembered from start to finish. Like she had never slept through it. In it His Holiness and she were seated across each other. She was kneeling in front of him, hands folded, emotionally sharing her woes and wishes. His Holiness had distinctly told her, “After me, you will meet Abdulla.” “After me, you will meet Abdulla.” “After me, you will meet Abdulla.” Distinctly - three times.  As if shaken out of her slumber she woke up to look at the clock; it was close to 6 am. Wanting not to forget a single moment of this puzzling dream she immediately called her mother and related the entire vision. Who is Abdulla?! Why Abdulla?! Where can I find Abdulla?! These were some of the questions they obsessed over and finally hung up the phone with her mother promising to find out. Perhaps it could be someone from his immediate family or a learned priest he wanted her to go to for guidance or maybe one of the devoted attendants who were always with him could lead to more answers. Two weeks passed with no luck. Her mother left no stone unturned whilst constantly trying to find a face named Abdulla. There was none. Finally giving up; the routine of life took over.
Exactly a month later, over the synchronization of some bizarre events and (what seemed as) a chance encounter she met a man over coffee. Within months they were married. His name was Abdulla!

Now you may stop here to wonder in amazement… For she often prayed for a suitable life partner and like a divine plan unfolding; there he was.

Though; this is hardly as astonishing as the fact that every member of the Dawoodi Bohra community will have at least one, if not more of such miracles to share. The numbers of lives that have been touched by the grace of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin are unfathomable. He was the first thought at all times of joy and sorrow; the final authority in all matters whether temporal or spiritual. That they believe and have complete faith that he will continue to live in the hearts of the millions spread all over the world is a given. That they see a replica of him in his son and successor Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS), as the 53rd ‘Dai-ul-Mutlaq’ is a blessing to be acknowledged and cherished. (Ref: )
In him, with him and through him, the 102 year old legacy of Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) lives on!

Notes from my desk: Belief and faith: these are of paramount importance in one’s life. Belief is usually in the mind, whereas faith is in the heart.  The marriage of these two can move mountains. One cannot undermine the significance of the same on the human psyche. Jesse Jackson says, “If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, you can achieve it.” I would like to take that a step forward by saying, “If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it; if the divine can bless it and the Lord can will it; you can achieve it!”



  1. You define very perfectly with appropriate reference and use very much suitable words to explain this.
    May Allah Tala Grant long long life to Mufaddal Moula

  2. very nice...nd emotional..Moula will always be in our heart...