Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Got a headache?

An NLP technique for relief from Headaches and Migraines

Anyone have those disturbing, throbbing, burning, pounding, piercing headaches?! And I bet we can collectively add to this hate list in the hope that it will be bullied down; yet this seemingly simple ailment continues to destroy our days.

These agonizing headaches or migraines can be severely handicapping and prove to be progressively detrimental to the lives of persons who have to go through them. I trust that if you’ve had just one of them…you’d know and you’d agree.

Need a cure?

So what are the remedies that have been used and/or abused by these distraught heads. Have they tried everything under the sun? Avoided their headache triggers, popped pills like candy, emptied balm bottles by the dozen until they smell like walking-talking eucalyptus trees or even tied bandannas so tightly around their heads that if it were around their necks they'd probably not be alive to read this right now…

Now try this…

The process I am about to tell you has proved to be highly successful with many including myself. So here's what you do the next time you have a family member or friend with a banging headache.

Ask: So tell me where is the headache?

Where is it located?

Where about in your head?

(Look for responses like, back of the head, temples, eye area, etc.)

Next ask them to close their eyes

Ask: Tell me what the headache looks like?

(Look for responses like, like a blob, a circle, etc.)

What color is it?

(Look for varying responses from purple, black, grey, blue, etc.)

How dense is it?

What does the headache feel like?

What does the exterior of your headache feel like?

(Look for responses like heavy, light, thick, knotty, rough, smooth, jagged, etc.)

It may sound weird to you right now but when you have a person with their eyes closed and desperate for some relief they will actually answer these questions. Try and get as much detail as possible. Thereafter;

Tell: I want you to give me that headache and whilst you’re doing that confirm the descriptions you have received from them. For e.g. “Oh yes! That’s right! The headache is indeed heavy, purple, it does feel jagged.”

Tell: Now I am going to move this headache away from you and as I move this away from you can feel it lose its power on you, can’t you? (This is where the power of pre-suppositions and suggestions come in)

Continue moving (literally and physically) further away.

Tell: You can notice that when I move further and further away with your headache, it loses its power on you and you can feel it dissipate. Now what I am going to do with this headache is I am going to throw it in the bin. (Or back yard or whatever is best available as per your environment) Say; “I am going to get rid of it.”

That’s it. Notice the difference in how he/she feels… Come on; give it a go! What do you have to lose? No one’s actually going to rip their brains out and give them to you and if they do; OMG! What kinda people do you hang out with? You don’t need NLP. You need help… in which case dial 911 immediately. 

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