Saturday, June 28, 2014

Today I was sad.

A poem

Today I was Sad. Yet I didn’t feel a thing.
No tears, no fears, not a sting
I sat still for a while, wondering why
This void of emotions, why don’t I cry
Numbness, walked in with dead silence
I won’t let you, it said. Not in my presence
Stunned; I went along with the day
Looking for a distraction to pass time away
Until quietly Strength spoke from within 
Let go; let it out, there’s no other way!
I resisted, numbness persisted
And the day passed away.
The next morning, Hope came by
Believe; get up, it said. Retry. 
No way! Go away! Was my sharp reply 
How can I? For sure you lie.
Unrelenting it continued to pacify 
Until I broke down. I began to cry 
Gratitude stepped in, a perfect alibi 
Embraced; I felt love multiply
Faith and Courage stood by
Confidently they said; never say die
Determined, I decided to once again try
Grounded; Today I reached for the sky.
~ Tasneem Kagalwalla ~



  1. yes , gratitude has a way of bringing things to perspective, thank you . i have been going through something emotionally draining and this poem just mirrored my journey somehow...thank you
    - meshack ali

    1. Hi +meshack ali. I'd like to say; that makes two of us but I have to say; that makes many of us. So many of us are going through something or the other which mirrors the poem in a small/big way. There is comfort in knowing that we are united in thought...strength, hope, gratitude, faith, courage... whatever it may be. Thank you.