Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SQUAT. No, seriously.

Simple right?

Squatting is the most natural resting position…but so many people simply cannot squat.

It's not surprising that a top health complaint is constipation. Squatting definitely gets you better elimination (aka bowel movement). Before kids are potty-trained, they naturally squat. Guess what we did before indoor plumbing?

This change of sitting position has impacted our health and well-being. Google it and you'll find a load of information but no one really likes talking about it. Like squatting, it seems "uncivilized".

From Movement Artist – Master Ido Portal

"I've been talking about the importance of the squat for years now. It should be the third most useful human position - just after lying down and standing. Yes, you read me right, the squat should be more abundant than.... seating.  The squat is not just a movement or a tool for getting stronger. It is a RESTING POSITION.

It means: when I get tired from standing - I squat and not vice versa.

The squat has benefits for digestion, mobility, strength development, and movement capacity and can also lead to a lot of freedom - low gate work, exploration, play."

His tip? Set up a timer for 30 minutes each day and aim to squat this amount by the end. Answer your phone, squat. After 3 emails, squat. Waiting for the bus? Squat. Still got time left before bed? Squat.  Do this for 30 consecutive days.

Know your limits! 30 minutes is too much? Start with 15. Just start. Just squat.
Photo: Ido Portal (from Ido Portal FB page)
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  1. Hmm interesting. I Didn't realize a squat could be so benifitial.

    1. Thank you +Samantha Studebaker Carl. As an Asian this technique is taught to most children from the age they are ready to go on their own! :) Scientific evidence on various benefits of squatting is now fast gaining awareness.