Tuesday, March 11, 2014

AArrrrgghh!!! #!!%@%#... when getting ANGRY is easier than getting over it!

Anger Management with Time Line Therapy™

Has anyone ever told you that you overreacted to a situation but you did not agree? Have you ever lost your cool and regretted your words/actions at a later stage? Are you short tempered and find it very difficult to control your outbursts? Have you ever set goals for yourself and not achieved them? Have you ever missed out on events; family gathering or get-together’s with friends because of negative emotions?
We often drag negative emotions (like anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt) through life and those have a direct impact on your everyday life and ambitions.
Now, imagine if you could ‘create your future’ with no emotional baggage attached to it. Time Line Therapy ™ gives you just that! The opportunity to remove negative emotions, limiting decisions (beliefs) and focus on creating a compelling future; the way you want it.
TLT™ is a therapeutic reprogramming process in which a series of techniques are used to bring about changes at the subconscious level in order to alter behavior. It is a proven fact that our unconscious mind is the source of all learning, behavior and change. One of the many advantages of TLT™ is that it enables the client to release and clear gestalts or (chains) of an emotion rather than one at a time as most other emotional release techniques do. For example, if the client has anger issues, TLT™ facilitates the releasing and clearing ALL anger from the past and not just the anger attached to a particular event. In other words the anger is released from its roots. Some people get confused that the memories itself are cleared. It is only the negative emotions attached to the memories that are cleared in TLT™. Memories are our history and it is not ecological or appropriate to clear them.
It surely is one of the most powerful procedures for accelerating human change and achieving more.

Resign from the past. Design your present. Align your future.

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