Sunday, February 2, 2014

Have you lost your self-confidence?!

Find it with these 3 easy and effective tips:

Do you feel sweaty palms or big uncomfortable butterflies in your stomach? Do you often find yourself tongue-tied and unable to put your best foot forward? Do you know that you're fully capable of shining and yet you shy away when under the spotlight? Then you really need a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Have you ever stopped to consider why you choose to stress about important events? Stop right now.

Choose you may single out?! "I have not chosen, I can’t help it, I am stressed," you might say! Well then, firstly let’s get that part right! It is scientifically proven that our brains cannot distinguish between the real and the imagined. So if you imagine that you are stressed your brain will believe so. And if you imagine that you are confident/in control your brain will believe that too. 

Now you may think that’s easier said than done. And your right! IT IS easier said than done. So...

1. Say it! Say it every day as many times as you can to yourself. Your thoughts become words and your words lead to action. Therefore the first step would be to get your thoughts to be in complete harmony with your desired outcome! 

To facilitate that process write an affirmation and paste it where you brush your teeth or inside the door of your cupboard so while you’re brushing or getting dressed you’re reading it daily. Or any similar place which you’re sure to go to as you start and end your day.

As you read your affirmation morning and night (as often as you can) visualize it like its already happening. While reading it imagine…how it would feel to stand confidently and in control….make a picture in your mind, see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel and notice what you notice.

2. Write down a list of the ‘top ten’ instances in your life when you felt absolutely confident, motivated, happy, in control or energized. For e.g. Your wedding day, the day your first child was born, the day you passed an exam or your driving test, the time when you killed it at an office presentation, when you wowed people at a party, etc. Read that list and it will take you back to that time when you felt confident, motivated, happy and energized. Look at that list as often as you can every day and definitely on the day you need that healthy dose of confidence. This takes you away from a state of nervousness and brings the focus on a state of confidence. It is sure to enhance your ability to achieve.

3. On the day, before beginning the event take a moment to focus at a point on the ceiling, directly up and above from where you are standing. Inhale deeply and exhale fully. Do this a minimum of three times or more to feel calmer, relaxed, and more in control of the upcoming event.

These are quick tips.  When used repeatedly, they will become an unconscious habit over time that will help you feel energized, confident, and in control. You may find that you resonate with some more than others. That is only natural.

Believe it n it shall be!

All the best.

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