Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What do you believe?

In a new country (and otherwise) time and tide wait for no one! She was no exception. The calendar rolled…. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Over this time she familiarized herself with many essentials. Basics; like the nearest grocery store, gas station, doctor, bank etc. Learning to exhibit unembarrassed poise as you take your time to peer down on new currency and coins while the cashier doesn’t care to hide their frustration and impatience while giving you the, "Hurry up, I don’t have all day," look. Making the effort to meet new people, new places, making new friends… the list is endless! And she did them all. Bravely and willingly and mostly with a smile!
Until in a city where public transport was feeble and distances vast, it was getting extremely difficult to get out of the house. The dependency of having to have someone take her around, make the time in order for her to get basic chores done was getting exceedingly difficult to digest. The only other option was to get a driving license! Seemed like a viable option to purse, you would think, however in her case she had made up her mind somewhere long ago that driving tests were something to be feared. Especially in the US she had heard many stories on how they were torturously difficult to clear! She believed them all.

Recognizing that there wasn’t any other way out, but through…she decided to go through the ritual. Written test first! Bingo – cleared! Next was the road test. Even though she knew how to drive, laboriously she practiced again learning new rules, roads and signs.

Until the day arrived!  The day of the road test. Have you ever wondered why we feel so nervous about certain events in our lives? What have we chosen to believe about the event that creates the unrest? How is that belief benefiting us?
As soon as she got into line, waiting for her turn, she saw that the others before her were being asked to parallel park too! Panic! Parallel parking was something she always detested. “I’m no good at that”, she told herself.  “OMG! I haven’t even practiced it recently. Rarely have I parallel parked previously, I’m so out of touch, I haven’t really done it for so long…” Similar self-talk filled the mind until the body took on to the cue. Hands went cold, mouth went dry and legs had a queer shiver!

The next thirty minutes seemed to last an eternity as she waited her turn. During this time she thought hard and finally as she drove her car up front, next in que, she decided on a different approach. “I have done this before, and I will do it again!” She visualized herself parking perfectly, with precision and confidence. She saw herself driving safely and making all the right turns, adhering to all the traffic signs. Most importantly, she created a picture in her mind which had her receiving her license in hand! With this thought firmly envisioned in her psyche she stepped up to the test.
Within minutes it was all over…..she passed!

Notes from my desk:  Limiting beliefs are nothing but self-sabotage! In life, whether you think you can or think you can’t; you’re right! Therefore, choosing the right belief will facilitate your actions. Visualizations and positive affirmations have proven to create synergy within oneself enabling a marriage of the conscious and unconscious mind, working in perfect unison thus bringing about astoundingly positive results. Today I chose to believe I can! I chose to act ‘as if’ it has already happened…. It worked!


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