Friday, July 8, 2016

No is as good a word as Yes.

P.S. Notes from my desk #23


No’s a word you learned early on.

Pretty much, soon after you were born.

Every time you would stick your finger,

In another kids eyeball.

Or just about to fall.

Into danger crawl.

Or get into a brawl.

Aww no, don’t bawl.


Yes. Over the years you forgot.

A word you were as a child taught.

No is a bad word you now thought.

And ended up saying yes.

To a lot of things you should not.

Regardless of the stress it brought.

When caught in a spot,

You said yes, happy or not.


So here I am today.

To remind you my bae;

Take some time, don’t reply right away.

Don’t lie, it’s not a morality play.

Nor make excuses, fumble or shy away.

Or over explain yourself, day after day.

Coz you know love, it’s really okay.

To say no, once in a way.

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