Sunday, June 12, 2016

I'm Over-sized.

P.S. Notes from my desk #21

Aren’t appearances just a disguise? 

True beauty is not trapped in a size. 

My hips when measured lengthwise, 

May not win me any prize. 

But my smile over sized, 

I assure you, will hypnotize, 

And make you realize. 

That it’s about time you humanize. 

Stop. Don’t stigmatize. 

Why do you standardize? 

Force beauty to customize. 

Over emphasize… 

The need to serialize. 

Small, medium, large. 

So compartmentalized. 

Therefore today I apologize… 

But to hell with what you patronize. 

For if beauty were to be judged by a size. 

Then I’d be a XXXL in your eyes, 

Even if day and night, I’d exercise. 

For that’s how big my heart is, 

I wear it on my sleeve, full size.   

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