Sunday, April 10, 2016

I am who I am

P.S. Notes from my desk #13

I’m black. And white.
I even have my 50 shades of grey.
I’m happy. From within.
But then yesterday was a bad day.
I’m hopeful. Totally grateful. Everyday.
I find my strength, when I pray.

I’m mushy. Need attention.
Come on bae; say something nice today.
I’m moody. Now and then.
It’s not you, just me having an off day.
Oh! N I’m senti. I cry. Sigh! So easily.
Though I try, this side of me, to underplay.

I’m caring. I show up. I’m there.
Take my hand; here - I’ll never let you go astray.
I’m sarcy. Damn icy. When mad. So bad.
You may want to run. Fast. Lest your brains be my entrée.
Yet I’m perfect! (Eyelash bat n blush) Friends say.
Nah! Don’t believe them, they just love me that way.

I'm me. So you see. In my medley.
This is my tune. My swag and my sway.
And hey, by the way, go ahead -
Come now, make my day!
Take me as I am.
Coz; No! I’m not going away.

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