Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I am mental.

P.S. Notes from my desk #17

Right v/s left. This brain fest. What’s in your DNA? Let’s take a blood test.

This mind never at rest. I must confess.

Stay out. Many thoughts lie here – Naked. Undressed.

Some feelings locked in the chest – Unexpressed. Yet un-addressed.

There. That heap of insecurity. Fighting itself out.

Careful. Don’t add to it. Please; I request.

Those words you spoke. But didn’t mean. They haunt. Taunt. Continue to molest.

Stand back. Give me some space. Your expectations - Crowd my frame.

I, me or my name – It’s no conquest. My state of mind is not at your bequest.

So many questions keep screaming – Speak up. Stand out. Talk un-repressed.

My voice shaky, sometimes suppressed. After all, they say conform - not protest.

Won’t you shut up?! I want to sleep – 4 hours at best. Unstressed.

In the arms of my stillness, love and zest.

As there, under the headrest. Lie my hopes. My life vest.

It’s how I manifest. This passion. I possess.

I tick. I tock. All these boxes - in my head.

I can work this. Nonstop. That way, I’m blessed.

So when recently I agitated a friend - he saw red.

For I spoke my head, objected to something he said.

Are you mental? His return text read.

Present! - That would be me, I calmly said.

Mental - That’s correct.

This life I live - in my head.

Some live it closed. I let it out - breathe free instead.

You are you. And this is me.

Mental just happens to be - my expressed mentality.

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