Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One important reminder


Yesterday I made 5 new friends, cooked up my family’s favorite meal using #anewrecipe, got a rave review from a client; #feelingsograteful and later in the evening I clicked a #feelingexcited selfie whilst going for #dinnerwithmybestie.

That’s what my Facebook Timeline would look like, should I choose to post this picture and all of these good things about my day. And that’s surely not a bad thing. Sharing the positive updates of my life seems like a great thing to do.
However that’s not my only truth…

Today I woke up late, feeling extremely low for some reason. Moods, hormones or was it that persistently nagging family problem; Sigh! Who knows? Had no time to figure it out as I hurriedly got myself ready and prepared for a Google hangout session where I made 5 new friends. On the way home I ran errands and completed an endless list of odd chores looking like a ‘crazed lady from hell on wheels’, only to come home and cook up a quick meal with a new recipe which Tarla Dalal promised was easy yet equally tasty. Just when I thought I could grab a quick bite to eat, I realized it was time for my client’s session. She expressed genuine appreciation on making constructive progress and I was feeling so grateful to be able to make a difference in her life. Later that evening, I was this close to cancelling dinner plans but I dragged myself to have dinner with my bestie assuming that some company would help shake off this melancholy feeling I woke up with, which like a silent stalker just hung around in the background all day.
This is my real truth.

Often times, we mistake people’s reel life with their reality. Couple of filters down, anyone can look just the way they choose to. I can too. So can you. I can even edit and re-edit my moments of my life as many times as I want, an opportunity real life does not give you. A rewind or fast forward button, now wouldn’t that be helpful on certain days. However in this journey of life, the only constant is change and we try to make the most of our situations. The fact then is that we are all human, no one’s perfect. And neither are our lives. We all have our highs and lows, we all wear our crowns with pride and carry our crosses with grace.

Today; social media allows you to exhibit all the amazing things that are happening in your life. And that’s fine. Provided it’s viewed in the right spirit. Your status updates are a great way to remember just how blessed and exciting your life truly is. Like a ‘Gratitude Journal.’ And even if you’ve shared the lows and difficult things that have happened, marvel at how far you’ve come since; how you made it through. Keep the focus on your story.
One important reminder; don’t compare someone else’s high light reel with your behind the scenes footage. Equating your life to your friends “perfect” life is pointless. For your life is not just what it looks like on FB, Twitter or Instagram. Neither is mine. It’s so much more…

Alright then; gotta go. I’m signing out. Life is calling...


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  1. Very true, real life is very different from virtual life which we try to portray to the world at large. Let us be grateful for what we have.

  2. Thank you Venkat.... you're right! Attitude of Gratitude is best.

  3. Socail media is now become a gossip bank but has immense power...its just like having a fantasy life on social media from your actual life and what you have written Tasneem is indeed very apt.

  4. social media has helped me in a tremendous way!

  5. Thanks +Quresh Songerwala... Social media surely needs to be used carefully ecologically and with the right spirit.

  6. That's great chimu! I'm sure social media has great benefits if used the right way.

  7. Real life has its own fun and interest. We never have to compare our life with some. True if you want to be happy always do self assessment.
    Nice lines.